One Direction 2012: Poor Zayn Malik is finding fame a bit ‘too much’ to cope with

Zayn Malik admitted in an earlier interview this week, that there were definitely upsides and downsides to fame and it seems that last week, the experience was a more negative than positive one for the handsome singer.

The teen idol and his One Direction bandmates can barely step outside their homes or hotel rooms without being mauled by thousands of screaming fans and while it must be nice to be so adored, it sounds like the 19 year old struggled to cope with all the attention during a recent night out.

Insiders claimed that when Zayn hit a club with Harry Styles recently, they couldn’t get space or peace to enjoy the evening.

Una Carrigan, 25, was in Sydney’s Scary Canary bar earlier this month with the two stars and admitted that Malik in particular found the hysteria that surrounded them a bit ‘too much.’ Harry probably loved every minute!

Una told Now:

‘The crowd were bombarding the two lads and just kept throwing themselves at them.

‘It was so bad that one of their group’s bouncers had to ask for an area near the bar to be cordoned off.

‘It was ridiculous. Zayn kept saying it was all too much and that he was just trying to have a fun night out.’

Malik recently admitted that he also finds it hard to deal with all the speculation surrounding his love life and revealed that he was most shocked when a report emerged claiming that he was married.

Zayn also seemed to struggle with being away from his friends and family for such a long time, as One Direction toured America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand recently.

Thankfully he is now back in London for the next few weeks anyway, until he has to jet back to the US, where the American One Direction arena tour starts at the end of next month.

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Lisa McGarry

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