One Direction 2012: Sexy Niall Horan runs out of underwear – PICTURES!

Niall Horan isn’t so good at the washing it would seem.

The One Direction singer must be missing his home comforts and his mum looking after him, as he admitted on Twitter this week that he has no clean underwear left.

The Irish star is in the middle of the 1D headline American tour and it seems that his schedule is so hectic, that he hasn’t had time to fit in any laundry duties.

The hunk told his millions of followers:

still in bed at half 2 ,well the real reason im still in bed is coz all my boxers are dirty and if i stay in bed,i dont havta change them

Dirty, dirty boy!

Meanwhile, the lovely singer also admitted that he tries to ignore any negative stories written about him in the press.

Being in the spotlight as he is, attracts it’s fair share of criticism and online hate, but Horan tries to ignore the bad stuff and continued:

‘I always get tweets sayin, dont worry niall we love you dont listen to what others say,frankly i dont care what the others say

I never read up on any of that poo poo, these are just people sittin behind a computer screen gettin brave!

So dont ever worry about me,im the most carefree mofo in the world!Thats one thing you guys dont know about me!The bad stuff never gets t me

Niall is currently in Mexico, where the boys will take to the stage tonight. He will soon return to the US and perform in San Diego and Las Vegas later this week.

Not that he has any clue where he is, as after making a bit of a blunder on Twitter, he admitted to fans that geography was never his best subject, joking:

‘Blame my geography teacher malachy flanagan,busy teaching me about rivers and glaciers,when i should have been learning the map of the world’

Lisa McGarry

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