One Direction 2012: So this proves that Harry Styles & Taylor Swift ARE dating right? (PICTURES)

For weeks there have been a load of ‘are they, aren’t they’ rumours surrounding Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

It was reported that the pop princess and the One Direction star were dating and they were spotted flirting and giggling backstage at the X Factor USA last month.

However some insiders (and MANY Directioners) claimed that there was no truth in the reports and that in actual fact Taylor was considering a reunion with her ex boyfriend Conor Kennedy.

On the other hand, other sources insisted that Swift was talking about buying a house in London so that she could be close to Harry and get to know his friends and his family in the UK. It was all very confusing and we didn’t know what to believe!

However these pictures seem to set things straight.

Harry is currently in New York preparing for a huge gig in Madison Square Gardens tonight and yesterday, as he took a leisurely stroll around the city, he was joined by none other than the blonde beauty herself.

The loved up pair were spotted taking a walk in Central Park with Lou Teasdale, Tom and her baby Lux and they looked very at ease in one another’s company.

Taylor took a flight to join Harry in the Big Apple, as she had performed in LA just the night before and yesterday they were spotted by many fans and reports of their date day flooded Twitter, as heartbroken Directioners accepted that rumours of a romance must indeed be true.

Both singers have been very quiet on their Twitter pages since the photos emerged but we’d say they speak for themselves, wouldn’t you?

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