One Direction 2012: Take That’s Robbie Williams thinks Harry Styles is ‘beguiling’ – Taylor Swift gets jammy!

by Lisa McGarry

It seems that Robbie Williams has a bit of a man crush on Harry Styles.

The Take That star announced his new 17 date solo tour this week and speaking at the press conference in London he revealed that he has been keeping close tabs on the One Direction boys.

We don’t know if he’s jealous of all the female attention they’ve been receiving or if he is a little bit in awe of the lads but when he was asked to give Haz some dating tips, the new dad politely declined.

Robbie may have been quite the womaniser and part animal in his younger days but he claims he was never anywhere close to being as sought after as Styles and said:

“Tips on women? I don’t think Harry Styles needs any tips from me. He’s a magnet like I’ve never seen before.”

“I wasn’t him when I was 18, that didn’t happen to me. He’s beguiling! All the boys are.

“Harry’s been tarred with the lucky stick. He seems to be having a whale of a time.”

Harry is currently in New York, preparing for his upcoming One Direction gig in Madison Square Gardens.

Insiders have claimed that he is dating pop princess taylor Swift and certainly insiders at the X Factor USA said they were getting very close last week when they were both backstage, however, as you can see in this video he is still avoiding all questions on the topic.

He could do worse than the young country star as not only is she insanely talented and pretty smoking hot, but apparently she makes a mean jar of jam….imagine what they could do with that!

Swift told Parade:

“I started making raspberry jam, and it is so good. You can put it on anything; you can dip pretzels into it. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s so good you could just eat it with a spoon.”

Is anyone else getting images of Harry starring in Robbie’s old Take That video for their first single ‘Do What You Like’? How much would you love to see the 1D boys writhing in jelly, or Taylor’s homemade jam like this…..

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Lisa McGarry

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  1. Ghee on November 29, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Will Smith, said in an interview (sorry, i really forgot which Magz this interview made, but it was in 1998 or 1999). Will said, Robbie is not bad, but the problem with Robbie he showed arrogance and has big Ego. If you want to break America as Foreign Artist, you mus need show that you are interresant for the US public! America are already arrogant, and if someone comes to USA and he’s arrogant. It wouldn’t work! They will just show you cold shoulder! Will knew Take That due SMASH Award! Will has jokingly also said “I’m American and i’m not interested of Robbie Williams!

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