One Direction 2012: This interview makes us think that Liam Payne still loves Danielle Peazer and NOT Leona Lewis

One Direction have appeared as cover stars on Seventeen Magazine this week and the interview with Liam Payne inside the publication is very, very interesting.

The chat was obviously conducted just before the hunk split from his long term girlfriend Danielle Peazer and in it, he raves and gushes about the professional dancer and all her great qualities.

Explaining how they first got together, Daddy Directioner told the magazine:

“She’s got really curly hair and beautiful eyes. I told Harry on The X Factor that I thought she was really hot, so Harry said into his mic “Liam thinks the girl with the curly hair is really hot!” She and I had no choice but to talk – and it was really awkward.”

He added:

“The next day when I saw her, I held the door open for her and she said “Thank you, I really like your jacket.” That night I gave her my jacket and got her BBM. And that was it.”

Liam was asked why he was settling down with one woman, when there were so many celebrities and fans chasing after him. He explained:

“I think it’s just her. I found the person I really like. She understands everything. She’s really cool. We hang out, we watch movies, she cooks me dinner. I bring her flowers. When you find that special person who puts up with you, then you’ve got to stick with her.”

The interview for Seventeen was conducted just a few weeks ago and it seems strange that Liam would have changed his mind so much about Danielle, that not only has he split from her, but he’s already moved on to his next relationship.

It’s been reported that literally one or two days after the breakup, Payne went on a dinner date with Leona Lewis and the former X Factor winner seemed to confirm the relationship in this interview.

Something seems very fishy to us!

It can’t be a coincidence that these rumours started while One Direction and Leona – who are both signed to Simon Cowell’s record label SYCO and managed by the same company – both had new records on release last week and needed to maximise sales.

We could be going all conspiracy theory here, but we have a strong feeling that Liam is no more dating Leona than we are. We’re not sure if he has split with Danielle, or if that is all a ruse too, but even if he has, if he felt that strongly about her just a few weeks ago, we doubt he would move onto another woman so quickly.

What do you think Directioners? Are we being too suspicious? Are we reading too much into Liam’s comments?

As always, we want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below…..

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Lisa McGarry

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