One Direction 2012: Zayn Malik says Justin Bieber has a huge…. TV! And Liam Payne admits he fancies Leona Lewis

As fans of One Direction and Justin Bieber will of course know, Biebs is practically BFFs with 1D star Zayn Malik and his Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards…

And yesterday, as Zayn co-hosted The Scott Mills show on Radio One, he casually mentioned, “Justin called me yesterday actually – he’s really cool…”

Zayn modestly added, “I wouldn’t say I know him on a best friend level, but he’s got lots of advice [to give].

“Me and Niall were saying that it must be cool for him to chill with him people his own age, because a lot of people around him are older.”

Zayn went on to say that back in September, he went to Justin’s house in LA…

He remarked, “We went over to Justin’s after the MTV VMAs and we just chilled out, and we were hungry and decided to cook noodles.

“He has a half pipe in the back garden and I thought it would be clever to go on it and I fell over and hurt my ankle. It was annoying he was so good on it.”

Zayn went on to reveal that Justin doesn’t have any pictures of himself in his house, but he does have a big canvas of Bob Marley in his living room and, according to Zayn, he also has “a really nice kitchen.”

He said of Justin’s no so humble abode, “The house is just wow, the garden’s amazing, there’s a little hill thing and you’re on the edge of a cliff and you can see mountains.

“His TV is bigger than 60 inches.”

Well that’s a very big TV.

However, Zayn then added that Justin returned the favour when he was in the UK recently by visiting Zayn and Perrie.

He said, “He came to my house, Perrie was there, and he spent the night with me and Perrie.

“We had KFC.”

These crazy kids and their partying ways…

Meanwhile, Liam Payne revealed to Radio One’s Gemma Cairney that he does indeed have a crush on Leona Lewis, but he wouldn’t confirm or deny if he’s dating her!

He said, “I do have a crush on Leona, she’s hot!”

And when pressed on the issue, he added, “I have met her. She’s hot. I haven’t eaten dinner with her though.”

He added, “I’d like to highlight the fact I’m single. I am single!”

So, he’s single. Got it.

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