One Direction 2013: ‘Cranky’ Niall Horan took quite a shine to Harry Styles’ stripper!

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She may have been Harry Styles’ birthday present but Niall Horan was reportedly more interested in his stripper than his bandmate.

The One Direction star turned 19 last week and his friends treated him to a night out in trendy East London and a kissogram lap dancer to mark the occasion.

The brunette beauty was dressed up like a sexy policewoman and while pictures show Haz to be very taken with the ‘performance’ it’s claimed that Nialler was the one that couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Insiders revealed the dancer wasn’t as saucy as has been reported, and claimed that she didn’t even get naked for the boys.

“She took her clothes of but kept her bra and pants on. There were lots of party poppers being let off. They wanted to embarrass him. It wasn’t meant to be a sexy thing… it was just for fun,” a source told The Mirror.

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“Originally the stripper was going to take all her clothes off but we didn’t want that to happen. We didn’t think it was right so we only agreed if they promised she wouldn’t get fully nude. That was part of the agreement. We would have chucked them out had she got naked.”

When the dance was over, Horan moved in for the kill and the insider added:

“Niall had his arm around the stripper at one point and was talking to her before she left.”

“He was taking more of an interest in her.“

All the nights out and partying of late seem to have finally got to Niall though and he sounds a little bit grumpy this morning.

The 1D hunk was up early and making his way to rehearsals for the band’s upcoming tour and he tweeted fans saying:

“Goodmorning everyone! This is way to early, by the time the day is over and won’t wana speak t anyone! #cranky”

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Someone must have brought him his morning coffee pretty sharpish, because an hour later he sounded much happier and messaged fans saying:

“I just realised how close #TMH tour is ! Wow? Like 2 weeks or something! Wow! I cannot wait !”

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