One Direction 2013: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split over her jealousy and “nagging” but he’s moved on and is seen in a hot tub with TV presenter Hermione Way!

harry styles, taylor swift

It’s been reported today that the reason One Direction star Harry Styles split from US pop star Taylor Swift after being an item for just a matter of weeks is that she continually “nagged” him about the attention he receives from other girls.

And apparently, Taylor wasn’t at all happy that Harry is still friends with his ex, Caroline Flack, and had “quizzed him” repeatedly about what Caroline had said to him in texts and emails.

The Mirror reports that after a “string of rows” about her jealousy, Harry had finally had enough and told her it was over.

A source close to the couple told the paper, “Harry and Taylor had an incredibly intense relationship, and really did care strongly about one another…

“Sadly it fizzled out just as quickly, and came to a head following a series of angry spats on holiday.

“Harry felt Taylor was nagging him, quizzing him on his intentions with various women and generally having very little faith in him.

“It all became too much and Harry found her a little too demanding.

“Taylor probably engineered the split but Harry held all the cards in the relationship.”

The paper adds, “The couple first met in New York early last year but only became an item in November. They reportedly broke up following an argument during a New Year’s holiday in the British Virgin Islands.”


The paper goes on to quote an onlooker called Mike Zavagno who saw Taylor at St Thomas airport as she waited for her flight back to the States.

Zavagno said, “She looked really sad and lonely, really down.

“We had heard she was down there with Harry Styles from One Direction, but the impression that I got was that they must have had a fight.

“I don’t think she was crying but you could tell that something was visibly wrong.”

However, it seems the split has come as something of a relief to Harry who wasted no time feeling similarly lonely as The Sun today carries images of him cavorting in a hot tub with a group of friends on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Harry was also photographed with gorgeous TV presenter Hermione Way and according to witnesses, Harry and Hermione were getting on like a house on fire!

hermione way

One onlooker said of Harry, “He jumped in the island’s hot tub and splashed around with Hermione he was back on form.

“He couldn’t keep his eyes off her all the time he was there.

“There was a lot of flirting in the tub and Hermione was loving the attention as they necked champagne and gobbled sushi.

“Hermione’s a really bubbly girl who’s not shy about showing off her body or having a good time.

“She really put a smile on Harry’s face after his row with Taylor.”

Are you glad or sad that Harry and Taylor split? For now, here’s a reminder of their brief romance…

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