One Direction 2013: Harry Styles flirted with stunner Hermione Way in the hot tub – Taylor Swift doesn’t seem too upset by split!

Insiders may claim that Harry Styles was ‘heartbroken’ when he split from Taylor Swift last week but pictures tell a different story.

Just twenty four hours after the former lovebirds argued and the pop princess boarded a private jet back home to America, Haz was photographed living it up on Necker Island with Richard Branson and a whole host of international stars.

It’s said that the One Direction star was most interested in one fellow hot tub user in particular, Bravo presenter Hermione Way.

The hunk and the blonde beauty apparently hit it off right away and The Sun reports that Styles couldn’t keep his eyes off the bikini clad stunner.

A source said:

“Harry was fuming as the row with Taylor got really bitter and a lot of things were said that they both didn’t mean.”

“But by the time he arrived at Sir Richard’s place and saw the luxury and women holidaying there, he soon calmed down.”

They added:

“Not only that — by the time he jumped in the island’s hot tub and splashed around with Hermione he was back on form.”

“He couldn’t keep his eyes off her all the time he was there.

“There was a lot of flirting in the tub and Hermione was loving the attention as they necked champagne and gobbled sushi.”

Hermione, 27, had uploaded pictures of herself and gorgeous Harry to her Twitter page and we have to admit, she looked more than happy with the attention he was lavishing on her.

Insiders say she flirted enthusiastically with the singer and continued:


“Hermione’s a really bubbly girl who’s not shy about showing off her body or having a good time.”

“She really put a smile on Harry’s face after his row with Taylor.”

Way realised that she may have made a mistake sharing the photos of her and the hunk online though and last night she tweeted “Oh dear” when she saw them making the headlines. Today she added:

“Now front page of The Sun? Must be a #slownewsday in the UK”

However it doesn’t sound like she regrets a thing because she also added:

“best week of my life”

When a friend asked if the stories about her and Harry bathing together in a hot tub were true, she insisted that there is nothing between them though (a statement which is sure to please Directioners everywhere) and tweeted:

“yes but nothing happened”

taylor swift

It would nice to see Harry moving on because it seems Taylor certainly is. The blonde beauty was spotted outside her US home yesterday looking preppy and pretty in her casual striped dress and she certainly didn’t seem at all upset by her reported break up. In fact she seemed pretty darned cheery and happy altogether.

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