One Direction 2013: Harry Styles’ tattoo artist says was never serious about Taylor Swift! Just friends?

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split up over a month ago, but still people are speculating on their relationship and wondering just how serious things got between the famous pair. Not too serious apparently, if we believe the story of the One Direction’s star tattoo artist, who was one of the only people to see the pair together and spend time with them as a couple during their brief six week fling.

Harry and Taylor were pretty much inseparable when they dated and in between their holidays in New York, England’s Lake District, the Caribbean and a ski resort in Utah, Haz had several pieces of body art finished and was accompanied to some of his tattoo sessions by the US singer.

LA tattooist Freddy Negrete was the man on the job and he told The Daily Star that he met the pair and as far as he could see, they were definitely NOT in love. He said:

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“Harry and Taylor didn’t seem in love at all. There wasn’t a sparkle in Harry’s eye.”

In fact Freddy took things one step further and suggested that the pair seemed more like friends than lovers to him, which would tie in with the unauthorised biography that was released last week. The author of that book claimed the whole romance was nothing more than a PR stunt by both stars. Negrete continued:

“They seemed more like friends. Harry wasnt in love and it wasn’t serious for him. They weren’t romantic at all.

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“He was just casual – they weren’t staring into each other’s eyes. Taylor came towards the end of his ship tattoo and sat with him but there was nothing magical going on.”

Ohhh we love a good conspiracy theory and it totally suits us to believe that Harry never loved Tay Tay.

Yes we know that we’ll probably never get to the bottom of the truth, in fact the only ones who probably do know if Haz and Taylor were in love are Styles, Anne Cox, Tay Tay and Ed Sheeran!

Watch as he watches her enter The Brit Awards ceremony below….he’s not giving much away! Leave your comments below….

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