One Direction 2013: Harry Styles treated himself to TWO Porsches for his birthday! But (Aww Bless alert) he’s given one to his dad Des!

by Lynn Rowlands

harry and des styles

We reported recently that One Direction star Harry Styles had bought himself an old Ford Capri on eBay that cost him £8,000, over which a friend of his said, “Harry loves his cars, he’s a real petrol head.”

And evidently that friend was right as it’s been revealed today that heartthrob Harry about himself TWO brand spanking new Porsches for his 19th birthday.

However, only one is for him; the other is for his dad, Des.

The Daily Star reports, “He test drove a £100,000 Porsche Carrera at the posh showroom in London’s Mayfair telling people it was a gift for his ‘brilliant’ dad.”

Harry then tried out a red Cayman S for himself, which he’s apparently having customized.

An insider told Goss, “Harry is besotted by cars and loves the Porsche brand after test driving a few.

“He has brought a £100,000 Carrera from a car dealer near his dad’s home in Sale, Manchester.

“The middle man was a friend of his mum’s…

porsche cayman

“It is black with tinted black windows, Harry said it was a present for his dad.

“Harry also ordered a brand new factory made red Cayman S for himself.

“He’s having it customized with all the extras including a six speaker Bose surround sound, heated seats and installing a telephone.”

Last year Harry brought himself a Range Rover Sport and a £100,000 Audi R8.

Of his son’s growing car collection, Des said, “I wouldn’t take money from Harry.

“But I’m sure one day I’ll come home and there’s a Mercedes on the drive or something, quite possibly and that would be lovely.

“I don’t need to rely on him at all financially and I wouldn’t out of a sense of pride anyway.”

Here’s a look at Harry in his Audi…

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