One Direction 2013: Here’s how you can stand out for Niall Horan, Harry Styles & Liam Payne!

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The One Direction boys get a LOT of presents, letters and cards as they travel the world but in a new interview the lads have revealed which ones really stand out for them and which gifts made them sit up and take notice of their kind fans.

Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are currently travelling the length and breadth of the UK as part of their ‘Take Me Home’ world tour and at every stop, in every city they find themselves lavished with items from enthusiastic Directioners.

Niall Horan revealed his favourite ever present, saying:

“You know what – actually, one time there was, not the birthday just gone, the one before, last year, a girl bought me a pair of shoes, a pair of Vans.”

He was pretty impressed we think you can tell and added:

“One of the fans bought me a pair of shoes for my birthday which I thought was very good.”

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Liam was more concerned with his tummy though and he admitted that it was a food item that he remembers most clearly. He said:

“One time when we were in Sweden – remember? – we were given these miniature figures someone had made of us of icing? They were pretty cool.”

Harry was most impressed by a different gift though and as a HUGE Coldplay fan, he was elated when one of his own supporters gave him a CD by his favourite band. He said:

“My favourite present was when a fan once gave me my favourite album on disc ’cause I didn’t have it on disc.”


Haz continued:

“Parachutes by Coldplay. What an album; I listen to it all the time. I had a bit about a year ago when for about two months every night I listened to it before I went to sleep. Great album.”

One Direction make their way to Manchester today, where they will begin filming for tomorrow night’s Comic Relief show. They will then take to the stage in the city’s MEN Arena tomorrow night.

What gift would you give the boys if you met them? Leave your comments below…

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