One Direction 2013: OMG! Niall Horan “shaken” after car crash & Harry Styles will meet up with Taylor Swift in Paris! Are they back on?

by Lynn Rowlands

niall horan

Fans of One Direction star Niall Horan will no doubt be relieved to know that he’s fine – but very shaken up – after a car he was a passenger in skidded on ice and ended up on two wheels, perched across a crash barrier.

The incident happened at Heathrow’s Terminal Five, where Niall and his 1D band mates were collected after arriving back in the UK from Japan.

The lads were driven out of the airport in three vehicles, one of which was Niall’s brand new Range Rover. Apparently, the driver of Niall’s car skidded on black ice and lost control of the vehicle.

An onlooker told The Sun, “They all waved as they went past, then the crash happened so suddenly…

“It must have been terrifying — the car’s wheels lifted off the road.

“We saw Niall climbing out. He looked shaken up but didn’t seem hurt. He got into a people carrier and they drove off again.”

Yesterday, a source close to Niall said, “The crash was a shock but thankfully he’s fine.”

Meanwhile, as we reported recently, Harry Styles’ ex, Taylor Swift, flew to the UK last week in order to have “talks” with Harry – as well as honouring some work commitments – and it seems those talks went so well, the pair are planning to hook up in Paris next week.

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And there is a rumour that they may well be getting back together after what TV Biz describes as “a series of soppy phone calls.”

The paper adds, “The singers will both be at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes at the weekend…

“All bets are off that they will be an item again this time next week.”

An insider said, “Taylor realised she was being a bit full-on.

“She is now more relaxed about their relationship. She intends to enjoy it more rather than worry about where it could eventually lead.

“Harry is not the sort of guy you can stay mad at for long. She’s given him some space and it’s done them both a world of good.

“What happened over New Year is now a distant memory.”

Do you think they’ll ever, ever, ever, get back together?

For now, here’s a reminder of Niall and Harry entertaining fans with their antics…

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