One Direction 2013: Rebecca Ferguson blamed 1D management for Zayn Malik split!

by Lisa McGarry

Harry Styles

There’s a brand new book doing the rounds, an unauthorised biography of One Direction’s Harry Styles and it makes some interesting claims as we have read this morning.

The book by Louisa Jepson not only chronicles the experiences of famous ladies man Haz, but also claims to shed light on the approach of the boyband’s management to the romance and dating exploits of the rest of the group also.

In one chapter Louisa discusses the X Factor stars’ public image and in particular looks at Zayn Malik’s relationship with Rebecca Ferguson.

The pair dated for a few months back in 2011, as they both took part in the X Factor tour. However the romance ended badly, with Ferguson hitting out at Zayn and his management on many occasions since.

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Jepson states that the mum of two always blamed 1D’s team for their downfall and explained:

“Zayn went out with fellow finalist Rebecca Ferguson for four months. Rebecca was seven years Zayn’s senior and also mum to two young children.”

“She blamed 1D’s management saying that she was bad for their image and also revealed that she went through a ‘hard time’.”

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“Zayn later said that the relationship was the ‘wrong decision’ and that it ended badly.”

However, Aloce said that contrary to banning relationships with older women, One Direction’s management actively encouraged them, as they felt the ‘fall out’ would be less with women of the world, rather than young fangirls.

She added:

“Traditionally boy bands were often banned by their management from having girlfriends so they would appear available to their fans and not ­alienate them.

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“However, a decision was taken in the 1D camp that the boys could have relationships and be open about them – and there have been claims that they were encouraged to date older women as they felt the fallout following any split would be less dramatic.”

In an interview with The Mirro last year Becs hinted that her and Zayn’s split wasn’t all the fault of his management though. In fact she seemed to be suggesting that the Bradford bad boy cheated on her.

She said:

“I am a bit done with men, for now anyway.”

“I am yet to find one faithful. I don’t know why boys are like that. I think I am too nice with them and let them get away with murder. It is heartbreaking to feel that I have been let down like that.”

With the cheating claims that have been plaguing Zayn and his new girlfriend Perrie Edwards this year, her comments take on even more relevance than ever.

What do you think of all this speculation in Louisa Jepson’s new book. Do you think 1D’s management pushed Malik into dumping Ferguson, or could he have been a cheater all along?

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