One Direction 2013: Sooo, who has Harry Styles been getting hot and sweaty with in 2am hook ups at his hotel?!

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It’s been reported today that One Direction star Harry Styles has been having secret 2am hook-ups with a special someone in his life, with whom he’s been getting very hot and sweaty!

However, Directioners who fancy their chances of being his significant other need not fear because his early morning meets have been with his personal trainer, Mark Jarvis.

While speaking to The Sun’s TV Biz, Mark’s boss Ramzy Khachik said, “Harry gets him up to train at 2am…

“It’s quite funny that a heart-throb like Harry isn’t out at 2am with a girl.”

The paper adds, “Harry wants a body like BRAD PITT’s tattooed boxer One Punch Mickey from GUY RITCHIE’s Snatch.”

Meanwhile, Take That star Robbie Williams – who of course performed with One Direction when they were on X Factor – has revealed that advancing years have left him looking less like heartthrob Harry and more like his own dad!

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Dad of one Robbie said, “There’s no getting away from it, the big 4-0 isn’t far away.

“My back is f***** and I am stretching every day to make sure I’m in shape for the tour. I’m well aware I have gone a bit ‘dad-sized’.

“My arms are a bit smaller because I cut down on the weights but I’ve still gone to a place that’s not really Thin White Duke, not that I’ve ever been that.

“There was more of a chance of me being Harry Styles when I was Harry Styles’ age. I had a similar body shape to him.

“But nobody tells you that you carry on getting thicker and thicker, depending on your DNA.

“I am slowly turning into my father.”

Bless! Here’s a look at Harry working out…

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