One Direction 2013: Taylor Swift reportedly wants to change Harry Styles’ image, saying he “looks odd” next to her!


There’s a phenomenon that occurs in relationships all the time, which is that we fall for someone because we like who and what they are, but then, after a while, one partner in the relationship seems to feel the need to change things about their lover…

And often, that can – if the other half in question is malleable enough – result in ending up with someone who’s quite different to the person you fell for in the first place!

And if a report in Now magazine is to be believed, though their relationship is still new, US pop star Taylor Swift wants to change her One Direction boyfriend Harry Styles’ look, citing that his trademark casual dress “looks odd” when he’s standing next to her for photos…

As fans of Taylor’s will know, it’s a rare day that she features in photographs looking anything less than cover-girl stunning, and in fact, it’s only harry styles, taylor swiftwhen in Harry’s company in recent weeks that she’s embraced the ‘dressed down’ look and worn jeans and cosy jumpers.

However, according to a source close to Taylor, she apparently now wants to discourage Harry’s casual look.

The insider said, “She loves his ‘foppish Brit’ look – it’s what first attracted her…

“But she says it looks odd when she’s in a designer dress and he’s in jeans and any old tired sweater.”

The source went on to say that Taylor would like Harry to talk style with her own stylist, Stacey Kalchman, saying, “Taylor’s suggested to Harry that his stylist should liaise with Stacey for when they’re out in public.

“She really likes him and sees a long-term future for them, but they’ve got to look like a well-suited couple.”

However, his 1D band mates are reportedly not so pleased with the idea of Harry radically changing his image.

The source said, “It’s almost impossible to try to style one of the boys differently to the rest of the band.

“Any image changes would have to be approved by the record company.”

What say you? Does Harry need to change his style? Or do you like Styles’ style just the way it is?

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