One Direction 2013: Taylor Swift’s dad warns Harry Styles, “Don’t hurt my girl!” as it’s revealed Harry was “too down market” for Cara Delevingne!

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Fans of One Direction singer Harry Styles will of course know that he’s dating US singer Taylor Swift, who he is said to be “head over heels in love with”.

And it’s just as well he did fall for Taylor rather than his previous girlfriend Cara Delevingne as it’s been revealed that the modelling agency who are shaping Cara’s career considered Harry to be “too down market” for Cara!

More on that in a moment, but first, as regular readers may recall, before Christmas, we reported that Taylor’s friends in her hometown warned Harry not to do anything to hurt the pop star, who’s “very well regarded” in the area…

And today, according to The Sun, Taylor’s dad has issued a similar warning, telling Harry, “Don’t break my daughter’s heart.”

The paper adds, “The teen heart-throb has had a man-to-man chat with Scott Kingsley Swift, 60, who has guided his daughter’s glittering pop career.”

A source said, “He likes Harry but he wants them to slow down and take things easy.

“It’s clear to everyone they are smitten with one another and already talking about marriage.

“He doesn’t want them to split up as fast as they’ve got together and for Taylor to end up devastated.”

Back now to Cara’s managers being rather chuffed he’s fallen for Taylor and not Cara, the Mirror reports that as a boyfriend, Harry “simply didn’t make the cut” as far as the Storm Modelling Agency were concerned.

cara-delevingne and harry styles

An unnamed source said, “Storm just thought Harry was too down market, they didn’t think Cara should be dating a member of a boyband – it was all too low rent.

“They hung out for a while but as far as they were concerned it was never going to go anywhere.

“Cara did like Harry but in all honesty she knew her career was more important and she wasn’t willing to let anything risk it.

“Harry really wanted to be with her but she finished it just before he got with Taylor Swift.”

Here’s a reminder of a news report about Harry attending a fashion show in order to watch Cara in action…

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