One Direction 2013: Zayn Malik ‘it just kind of put things in perspective for me’

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The One Direction boys have revealed that their recent trip to Africa was a life changing experience for them all.

Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles recently travelled to Ghana, to do some filming for Comic Relief and far from being saddened by what they saw, the X Factor stars were amazed by the people they met and the things they experience.

Speaking on Daybreak yesterday Harry said:

“We all kind of went out there not really knowing what to expect and then we all came back looking at each other and going ‘that was the best thing we have ever done, it was amazing.”

The boys have recorded a version of Blondie’s One Way Or Another for Red Nose Day and the single went on presale yesterday. All proceeds will be donated to Comic Relief and the lads will perform the tune live on the TV special this March.

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They met some of the children that will be helped and saw some of the projects that will be advanced using the cash raised by their record and Louis admitted that he was ‘pleasantly’ surprised by the people in Ghana.

“I was very surprised, pleasantly, by the spirit of the people there,” he said.

“There are just so smiley and everybody waves. If you walk down the street in London waving to everyone you’d get a funny look, like you’re a weirdo.”

Zayn Malik said that the experience helped him put his life in ‘perspective’ and look at his problems very differently. He said:

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“For me, it just kind of put things in perspective for me. In every day life we have little problems that we think are so major and then you go over there and you see people dealing with real problems and having to carry on every day and keep going. It really did put things into perspective for me.”

It all sounds very noble, unless you believe Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb, because she’s claimed that Zayn slept with her and cheated on his girlfriend a week after he returned from his African trip.

That hardly sounds like the actions of an enlightened soul now does it?

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