One Direction 2013: Zayn Malik’s alleged lover Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb is a £500 per hour stripper!

by Lynn Rowlands

courtney cj webb, zayn malik

Fans of One Direction will of course know that Zayn Malik has been rocked by allegations made by Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb that she slept with him while his Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards was away touring last month…

And when the story first broke in the press, Courtney – who is of course featured in the image above from US radio station – was said to be “an Aussie waitress” however, a report today claims that she is in fact a stripper who earns £500 an hour!

The Daily Mirror reports that 21 year old Courtney “spent five months at London’s plush Platinum Lace performing erotic dances for customers, including fully-nude private sessions.”

When Webb told The Sun that she’d had sex with Zayn, she backed up her claim by apparently producing pictures of the star asleep and by describing his home and items in it.

And despite her claim that she didn’t know who Zayn was – at first – a friend of hers has told the Mirror that it’s not the first time she’s “targeted” someone rich and famous.

The insider said, “I think she would have seen it as a challenge. Whenever someone famous comes into the club, she’ll always head for them.

“Flirting and mingling with all the football players – she’s always on the prowl.

“Outside of work, she doesn’t hide what she does. I think she’s quite proud of herself.”

zayn malik

The unnamed source added, “I feel sorry for Zayn. She definitely would have known who he was.

“If she didn’t know he was a celebrity, why did she take a picture? It doesn’t make any sense.”

And of Courtney’s sideline in stripping, the friend added, “It took her a while to find her feet but then she started earning money quickly because she had ability to go up to anyone and talk to them.

“When she first started she wasn’t that good on the pole so she took dancing lessons.

“Now I think she’s got what we call ‘stripper syndrome’, when you become addicted to the money and lifestyle it brings.”

Courtney – who’s also known as CJ – has received death threats from 1D fans since her revelation, and her telephone number was apparently put on Twitter by Zayn’s brother.

The paper adds, “The post, which was later deleted, led to a barrage of abusive calls.”

The source said, “No one deserves that. It takes two to tango after all.

“But if you play with fire then you’re gonna get burnt.”

A spokesman for Zayn last night declined to comment while a source close to Courtney confirmed that “she worked as a dancer at the club from July to November and now has a part-time job as a waitress”.

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