One Direction 2013: Zayn Malik’s ‘brother’ Leon Anderson shared Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb’s phone number on Twitter prompting hundreds of abusive calls!

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While the case looks pretty sewn up against Zayn Malik and his recent love rat behaviour, it seems that some people are pretty convinced that the One Direction star is totally innocent.

Australian waitress Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb sold her story to The Sun at the weekend and claimed to have slept with the hunk last week. She said she didn’t realise he had a girlfriend, and told the newspaper that not only dud he try to film her during sex, but also tried to throw her out of his home as soon as the dirty deed was done.

However, pals of the singer are insistent that he’s done nothing wrong and one reportedly even went as far as to post Webb’s personal contact details online.

Leon Anderson – who Zayn called his ‘big brother’ just last week – apparently tweeted his thousands of followers and gave them Webb’s phone number, saying:

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“Ppl shouldn’t tell lies …”.

CJ told The Sun that as a result, she has received hundreds of abusive calls from angry One Direction fans, with many threatening ti kill her. As if she hadn’t had enough death threats already!

She commented:

“I was expecting some abuse but it has got out of control. I’ve had hundreds of calls from all over the world.”

Detailing one of the calls she continued:

“One American girl left me six voicemails in an hour saying she was going to kill me. It’s really scary.”


Leon, who certainly mixes in some famous circles and is pals with, Justin Bieber and Nicole Scherzinger among others, deleted the tweet a few hours later, but the information had already been reshared many times.

CJ blasted him saying:

“Leon’s a nasty piece of work. It was Zayn who cheated, not me, and Leon let it happen.”

Malik’s last tweet was a plea to his fans to follow Leon and apparently he was there the night that Courtney and Zayn hooked up. On the evening that the reported sex session took place, the 1D hunk tweeted his millions of followers saying:

“Follow my big bro @LStarino ! !”

In a statement to The Sun Leon said:

“Courtney was a friend who tried to cause an issue with another friend.”

It sounds like this Leon is a bit of a bad influence on Zayn. If we were Perrie we’d be trying to nip that friendship in the bud asap.

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