One Direction get private jet to Ireland but make 5 Seconds of Summer take the boat!

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One Direction have kicked off their world tour and this week for the first time, they will be leaving the UK.

The lads have already performed in London, Glasgow and Cardiff and tonight their Take Me Home tour starts it’s Irish leg in the capital city of Dublin.

Because the string of gigs will be taking them all around the globe, from Britain to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia, it’s hardly surprising that their record label is splashing out and hiring them a £3 million private jet to transport them around the world.

However, while the fab fivesome are being transported around in the lap of luxury their support act isn’t quite so lucky and last night 5 Seconds of Summer revealed that they were taking the ferry to Dublin instead.

The lads didn’t seem too upset to be slumming it as they crossed the Irish see and tweeted:

“Going to Ireland on a boat. We’re on the ferry to Dublin! PUMPED!”


We bet they’re just glad for the chance to be performing to the massive crowds 1D attract and we’d imagine that label bosses will allow them to catch a plane when they go

to perform at the One Direction dates in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, otherwise they will be travelling for years!

It makes sense to have the One Direction lads travelling by private jet, as it means they can avoid the worst of the crazy scenes that normally ten to greet them in airports.

one direction take me home

No matter where they go, it seems the lads are always met by crowds of hundreds of hysterical fan girls and this way, they can avoid the worst of the crush and be transported straight to their plane, avoiding most of the public areas.

Yesterday, Niall Horan travelled to Ireland before some of his bandmates and he was spotted out and about in Dublin with his friends and family, while Liam Payne remained in London and was pictured shopping in Harrods with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer.

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