One Direction: Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson talk Danielle Peazer & Eleanor Calder while Niall Horan & Harry Styles talk romance!

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One Direction have been discussing their mammoth career, their worldwide fame and the effect that has on their now very public love lives.

The boys find it hard to have a normal relationship as they are constantly in the glare of the public eye and to make matters worse, any woman they are even associated or pictured with becomes the victim of an intense online hate campaign which more often than not includes death threats as well as the usual insults.

Speaking to America’s Glamour magazine the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singers admitted that they each have a different view on how their fame affects their love lives and how much it bothers them.

When Harry Styles was asked how he feels about always being portrayed as the womaniser of the band, he replied:

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“People who know me know what’s true and what’s not.”

Louis Tomlinson has been dating university student Eleanor Calder for more than a year and he thinks he’s coping well with all the added pressures.

He said that he keeps grounded and real and explained:

“I think you have to keep your feet on the ground. I’m in a relationship, and it’s completely fine.”

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Niall Horan has been linked to a number of women of late, including Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson and Irish model Zoe Whelan but he says he doesn’t mind the attention, the rumours and the speculation because he knew what he was signing up for when he joined One Direction. Niall said:

“For me, it’s not a massive trade-off. We’ve always wanted to do this, so we’re not complaining.”

Liam Payne recently split from his girlfriend of two years and dropped hints that his breakup with professional dancer Danielle Peazer, may have been because of the constant online hate and negative attention from fans. He said:

“It’s something that is quite hard – people being a bit rude on the internet. It’s a challenge having a relationship on the road, credit to anyone who does it.”

Liam has been enjoying the single life throughout the US leg of his Take Me Home tour, while Louis has spent a lot of time with his girlfriend who has joined them on the road.

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Zayn Malik has been dating Perrie Edwards for over a year and while the pair have been separated for weeks, he got a tattoo of her on his forearm this month, showing how serious he is about the Little Mix singer.

Do you feel sorry for the boys and the fact they have to deal with this constant scrutiny?

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  1. autumn on July 14, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    btw shut up elounor broke up a week ago. GET. OVER. IT.

  2. Adrienne on July 26, 2013 at 6:53 am

    Elounor or Larry i honestly dont care. I just wish people would stop giving Louis and Eleanor and Harry so much crap about it. If Elounor is real I know I’d be hurt if a bunch of people were calling me a beard. And if I were Louis I’d be annoyed as well. I’m not saying Larry isn’t real I’m just saying people need to drop it. It doesn’t matter thay much. Like seriously what’s up with all the conspiracy theoties this is a boyband not the illuminati.
    And as for Danielle, I used to like her before they broke up the first time. And I’m a Liam girl. After that though I felt like things weren’t ever the same. Howeverrrr, I never would send hate to her because nobody deserves that (even if I do feel like she’s a little fame thirsty).
    Zayn and Perrie are cute. The tattoo is a little strange but whatever. But I love Perrie she’s my girl crush.
    But I do have to say Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie are all super gorgeous. Wish I looked like them 🙂

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