One Direction: Louis Tomlinson’s mum reveals he flipped the bird to men who were being abusive to him & Eleanor Calder!

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Louis Tomlinson’s mum has cast some light on a recent picture of her son, which showed him raising his middle finger to a crowd of fans during a shopping trip in Canada.

The One Direction star had been strolling around Montreal with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder and the pair looked thoroughly loved up in most of the pictures released, however at the end of the trip, as he and his girlfriend got back into their waiting car Louis was photographed looking rather irate and he later flipped the bird to the crowd.

Some onlookers claimed at the time, that the ‘Little Things’ singer was furious after some fans shouted abuse at Eleanor, calling her his ‘beard’ and insinuating that he is gay, however others claimed the rude gesture was directed at the paparazzi.

Louis told his mum the real reason though and Johannah Darling tweeted fans this week and revealed that her famous son definitely wasn’t upset with fans. She wrote:

louis tomlinson eleanor calder

“I text him this am asking what had happened. His reply: It was not at fans but at men shouting degrading comments ;( xx”

One Twitter user replied:

“The are news reports & fan speculation that it was aimed his fans-including the fans drinking the koolaid +”

But Johannah insisted:

” No it really wasn’t! I don’t condone giving ‘the birdie’ but it must be so hard when folk are so rude to you! X”

Not everyone believes Louis’ mum though and one fan posted on Unreality TV saying:

“He and his mommy are LIARS..nothing like this happened..To avoid any future problems he should stay out of montreal because next time he’ll know what an insult is..They won’t be chanting their love for him he’ll know hate..”

louis eleanor

Another posted:

“This fame has gone to his head! He has young fans and what kind I example is that to them? He could have handled tht in a much mature way! All of one direction are turning into these hard core tattoo boys and its pissing me off!! What happened to the nice gentlemen from England/Ireland? They think their fame will last forever but directioners are having enough! With drama in the fandom and drama with these boys showing immature sides! I have had enough with this boy band! I hope Liam gets away from it because he lost a very special girl because of it!”

What do you think Directioners? Watch Louis and Eleanor together and leave your comments below…

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  1. Ivy on July 26, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Am I the only one who noticed that that’s not Louis’s arm? It doesn’t have the same tattoos and unless he got some new ones it looks completely different except for the bird tattoo. ???

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