One Direction management make statement on banned questions list after Zayn Malik’s embarrassing interview!

One Direction’s management team have responded to the recent furore surrounding the boys’ interview demands.

A radio DJ refused to chat with Zayn Malik last week, after he was issued with a list of questions that he could not ask the star, in advance of his interview.

A member of staff from the group’s record label laid out stipulations stating that the hunk couldn’t be asked about anything to do with the X Factor, about his celebrity crushes, about his girlfriend, about his bandmates’ pranks and many more. You can read the full list here.

On hearing the amount of restrictions being placed on him, the presenter simply thanked Zayn for coming on his show, wished him ‘continued success for the future’ and hung up. Which was quite a ballsy move we thought.

It was later claimed that other interviewers had been banned from asking Liam Payne about his split from Danielle Peazer and his reported new relationship with Leona Lewis.

One Direction HQ have responded to the story this morning, insisting that the issue was one of repetitiveness. Their statement reads:

“One Direction asked if certain recurring questions could be avoided in future interviews.”

“Regarding the recent story about One Direction “banning questions” – this is a complete misunderstanding. One Direction asked if certain recurring questions could be avoided in future interviews as the band were giving the same answers continually.”

“They knew, via feedback, that the fans were requesting a wider range of subject matter in interviews. Questions relating to describing each band member, or referencing The X Factor, are certainly not out of bounds.

“A suggestion was merely made to try and make interviews more interesting for the fans, which has been misconstrued and misunderstood.”

We think that if the band simply wanted certain questions to be avoided, then they could state this more pleasantly as in the clip below, the staff member very much makes it sound like a strict ban.

However, with 1D taking part in dozens of interviews a week, we have no doubt that things do get repetitive and perhaps presenters need to take a bit more time with their prep and be a bit more imaginative when thinking up questions for the lads. We’re sure it does get boring for them….who really wants to talk about Simon Cowell that much?

What do you think of One Direction’s response? Watch the video again and leave your comments below….

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