One Direction: Niall Horan reveals he’ll play guitar on ‘Midnight Memories’ & catches Harry Styles … orange handed!

by Nick Barnes

Is this when a group becomes a band? Niall Horan has revealed that he’ll be jamming away on the new One Direction album as he will be playing guitar in some of the tracks.

The directioners among us will know that Niall loves to mess around with his guitar, but it would seem he’s THAT talented he won’t just be lending his vocals to the album… he’ll also play the guitar.

Taking to Twitter to update fans about the news, Niall says he likes to play the guitar and if we all listen closely to some of the tracks on the album, we may well hear him jamming away.

He tweeted: “If you listen to Midnight Memories you might hear someone you know on guitar occasionally! 🙂

“I like playing the guitar a good bit!”

We know that the One Direction lads are going with a more grown up retro feel with the new album and it’ll also be a bit more rockier than their previous two releases.

Julian Bunetta who produced Best Song Ever said: “They’re a little more grown-up. I think it’s a good transition into the rest of the album; it’s going to be an incredible, incredible album. I’m really proud of the stuff we’ve done”.

Meanwhile, Niall also took to Twitter this evening to say that he had caught Haz well… orange handed, one would say.

This evening, Niall was watching back last months VMAs and thought Drake’s performance was “so sick” but Harry just didn’t care as he was spotted in the audience sat behind RiRi peeling an orange!

Niall attached the picture of Harry to his tweet… Drake mustn’t be his cup of tea!

Also, the One Direction lads are set to announce some HUGE news for the UK and Europe tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled as we will update you as and when we have the news!

Check out the video to One Direction’s Best Song Ever below:

Nick Barnes

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