One Direction: Niall Horan & Zayn Malik choose favourite Midnight Memories tracks

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One Direction are set to release their third album in just a few weeks time and already, some of the band members have been teasing us with details of their favourite tracks. Midnight Memories, the band’s third studio album, is set for release on the 25th November and will include songs that have been written by the group themselves, as well as some collaborations with other artists.

Niall Horan revealed recently that Story Of My Life, 1D’s next single – which is set for release on the 28th of this month – is his favourite track and he described the song telling Capital FM:

“This track is not actually one that we wrote this time. A good friend of ours and a songwriter called Jamie Scott who’s in a band called Graffti6 – he wrote this song. He’s written a few for us before like More Than This and on the last few albums

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“He’s written a lot with us on this album too. We were in Nottingham on tour when we were touring the UK back in February and March and we just came into a room one day and he was like ‘I’ve got this song that I’ve written and I want to play you’. And we just fell in love with it the second we heard it.”

“It’s up there with the best that we’ve brought out but Story of my Life might just take it. It’s a very passionate song and when you see the video that goes with it, it suits it as well.”

However Zayn Malik has chosen a different little tune as his favourite and he can’t wait for fans to hear ‘You and I.’

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“I’d have to say “You & I,” and that’s because it’s just such a big song,” he said.

“I feel like the fans are gonna really connect to it and I feel like it’s a great song for them to sing along to.”

The Little Things hitmaker then explained that he thinks Directioners will enjoy the ‘vibe’ of the track, even though it’s not a song they can technically dance to.


He added: “It’s kind of got that vibe to it like – even though it’s not an upbeat song, it’s quite slow – but it’s kind of got the same sort of vibe as “What Makes You Beautiful” in that it sticks in your head. It’s really catchy. It’s got that amazing melody to it where you just can’t help but sing.”

Niall also revealed that the entire album is ‘different’ this time round adding:

“It’s [the album] a bit different this time. We’ve definitely kept our pop melodies and stuff like that. But we didn’t want to change it too much.

“People think ‘Oh we’ve got a third album now let’s change it totally’ but you actually scare people off by doing that.”

Not only are we crazy excited about hearing Midnight Memories now, but also, who else cannot wait for the Where We Are stadium tour?

It feels like waiting until 2014 could be too long. Does anyone out there have a time machine? Leave your comments below…..

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