One Direction wow at The Logies and Zayn Malik is Justin Bieber’s new BFF! (PICTURES & VIDEO)

One Direction really are the men of the minute down under and after rocking their Sydney fans at cocerts in the Australian city last week, this weekend the boys set the stage alight at ‘The Logies’ in Melbourne.

The television awards ceremony is a pretty big event in Oz and organisers announced a few months ago that they had asked the British boyband to make an appearance.

However, back then we doubt they expected Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne to be just as popular as they have become and we think it’s fair to say that the X Factor stars really stole the limelight.

Bosses were forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on extra security measures, as thousands of crazed fans turned up for a glimpse of their teen idols, despite organisers pleading with the supporters and their parents to stay away over the last few days.

In Sydney, just days before, thousands of fans caused chaos, as police were forced to erect steel fences to contain the crowds and banned 1D from meeting their female fans.

More than 350 competition winners were invited to watch One Direction perform at The Logies, but all other hopefuls were kept well away. But they couldn’t be kept silent and as the boys stepped onto the red carpet, they were met by screams and hysteria, before they even performed.

Check out the video of them performing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ below.

Meanwhile, it seems that Zayn Malik is well on his way to becoming Justin Bieber’s new BFF. 1D met the Canadian singers recently but he claimed that while he liked all the boys, he had most in common with shy star Zayn.

In a chat with Radio One Justin said:

“All of them had different personalities. I didn’t have a favourite, but Zayn was the one I most hung out with. One Direction came over to my house, we hung out and just talked.”

He added:

“They’re really cool kids. They’re doing really well.”

Lisa McGarry

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