One Direction’s Harry Styles ‘in love’ with ‘goofy’ Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence falls as she walks up the steps to accept the award for best actress at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t just picked up an Oscar this week, but apparently she has bagged herself a pretty hot celebrity admirer too!

One Direction singer Harry Styles tweeted before the awards ceremony a few days ago, insisting that the Hunger Games star deserved to win the Best Actress gong for her role in rom com film Silver Linings Playbook.

His luck was in and Jen was named and as she approached the platform to pick up her award, the young star tripped on her dress and fell up the stages steps.

This faux pas just mad Haz fall for the beauty even more and a so called friend of the 1D hunk told The Daily Star:

“He fell in love with Jennifer after watching her speech at the Oscars.

harry styles

“Harry likes goofy girls and thinks it’s hilarious that she fell over as she went to accept her award for Best Actress.

“And obviously, like most men, he thinks she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

“He’s been begging mutual friends who know Jen to put the word out for him so they can hook up next time they’re in the same city.

“Harry is quietly confident because he normally gets whichever girl he sets his sights on.”

taylor swift brit awards

Harry is currently single after splitting from US singer Taylor Swift in January. Despite the fact that she obviously still bears a grudge and displayed this by mocking him at The Grammys last month, insiders have claimed that Tay Tay is moving on to and possibly with one of Haz’s best mates.

The ‘I Knew Your Were Trouble’ hitmaker has been spotted out on the town with ‘A Team’ singer Ed Sheeran and sources say the pair even spent the night together before The Brit Awards last Wednesday.

Insiders revealed: “Ed arrived at Taylor’s hotel and went straight to her room. They stayed in the room, just the two of them, until around 4am.

ed sheeran, harry styles,

“He looked very happy when he left. From there, he got into the car that Taylor had used earlier in the day and was driven away.”

Even if Taylor isn’t dating Ed, she’s revealed that she’s happy with the fact that her only long term relationship to date has been with her cat. Though we really like the work she’s done with goats too!

What do you think of all the reports Directioners? Would Harry and Jenny make a good couple? Would we call them Hennifer, Henny, or maybe simply Jarry? Leave your comments below….

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