One Direction’s Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik & Niall Horan getting personal assistants

by Lisa McGarry

one direction

We wouldn’t like to think the boys from One Direction were getting above their station or anything, but it sounds like they are really becoming big news in the music industry.

Much as they try to pretend they are just five normal boys, living their dream, the lads live in multi million pound mansions, own top of the range cars and rake in more money in a year than most of us could hope to earn in a lifetime.

The latest sign that they are moving into new and impressive territory, is the news that Simon Cowell has ordered each of the handsome singers to find themselves a personal assistant, who will help organise their calendars and sort their day to day routine, taking a lot of the burden from the boys themselves and record label staff.

The lads already have a team of publicists, stylists, security officers, financial advisors and asset managers and adding to the list, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis have all been asked to interview and pick their own PA and insiders say that true to form, they’ve all opted for young and pretty ladies.

one direction

A source told The Daily record:

“The guys have incredibly manic professional and personal lives, and they started getting stressed out about their ever-increasing workload.”

“Obviously the record label don’t want them burning out, so they came up with the idea of letting them appoint personal assistants.”

Simon Cowell is said to have masterminded the idea, and he sees the PA as taking over the mundane jobs, freeing the singers up to have a life when they’re not performing or promoting.

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The source added:

“The idea is for the PAs to run their diaries on a day-to-day basis, and make sure they turn up to dentist appointments and photoshoots.”

“With the world tour coming up, it is essential they are on top of everything and put under as little stress as possible.”

Simon seems to be very involved in the lads’ career even still and it has been revealed this week that it was the music mogul that came up with the idea for their latest single.

He is said to have chosen the track ‘One Way Or Another’ as their new charity release and producer Julian Bunetta told MTV:

one direction comic relief

“It was Simon Cowell that came up with the idea and because obviously it’s a really cheeky song and it’s very fun and also it was very unexpected.

And I think that he wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary that people wouldn’t expect. And, it obviously is fun and that works with the whole Comic Relief thing and the whole Comic Relief idea.”

What do you think of all this talk of Pas Directioners? How much do you wish you’d seen this vacancy advertised on Gumtree? Leave your comments below……

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