One Direction’s Liam Payne & Harry Styles cry with devastation in latest Comic Relief video (PICTURES)

by Lisa McGarry

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One Direction have been going all out for Comic Relief this year and have been working hard to promote their charity single One Way Or Another, while begging their fans to donate online.

Tonight we will see once again why they feel so strongly about the cause as the second part of their documentary will air on Let’s Dance For Comic Relief and it makes sobering viewing.

The fab fivesome travelled to Ghana last month to meet some of the people that would benefit from the funds raised by their record and they visited a children’s hospital, where they met a number of babies who were dying from wholly preventable diseases.

Last week we watched as Zayn Malik sobbed and Louis Tomlinson broke down in tears over the infant’s plight and tonight we will see how Harry Styles and Liam Payne react to the harrowing scenes.

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Despite all the fun they had while filming the video for the single, being in the Ghana hospital and meeting the young children suffering from Malaria was an upsetting experience for both singers and they ended up in floods of tears as they encountered patient after patient.

Harry also took some time to visit the families of the sick children and was informed that almost all of the 500,000 people that die from Malaria in Africa each year are younger than five. He was also told that a £5 vaccination could prevent most of these deaths.

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He found it hard to compose himself, as he saw the conditions around him.

Liam Payne also wept freely and in the clip both boys beg and plead with their fans to donate to the charity and help prevent these needless deaths and the horrible heartbreak that comes with them.

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Harry has been hard at work trying to raise cash in other ways all week and while Liam and Zayn Malik will be auctioning their clothes for Red Nose Day, Niall Horan will be doing a sponsored silence and Louis Tomlinson is dying his hair red, Styles is having a bakeoff and here are some examples of his work.

What are you doing for Comic Relief? Any inventive ideas people? Leave your comments below….

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