One Direction’s Liam Payne reveals pretty bad skateboarding injury!

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Liam Payne loves surfing, football and even sailing but apparently he isn’t took good at skateboarding he has revealed.

The One Direction star is a sports enthusiast and very much likes to keep fit and try his hand at new pastimes, especially when he’s on tour.

However in a new interview with Top Of The Pops magazine he’s revealed that he’ll be giving skateboarding a miss from now on, after a particularly nasty experience when he was just 16 years old.

The Little Things was asked of there are any sports he can’t do and admitted that he couldn’t master the art of skateboard jumping at all. In fact when he tried a few years ago there were some very painful consequences.

He explained:

liam payne

“Skateboarding! I was 16 and I decided to try out the biggest ramp at the skate park, which really was the stupidest thing ever.”

Liam added:

“I thought I’d be fine if I hurt myself, as I didn’t have any gigs coming up. I went down the ramp, the skateboard flipped up and my head hit the floor. I got a massive graze and bruised my face, and when I got home my dad told me I had two gigs lined up – I had to perform them looking like that!”

Liam is no stranger to injuries, or to falling for that matter and he caused some trouble when appearing on the X Factor in 2010, after he fell at a Tinie Tempah gig and threw the band’s next performance into jeopardy.

He tweeted at the time saying:

“‘What a doofus! Fell over on stage in front of Tinie Tempah…so un-cool.’”

A source told the Daily Mirror at the time:

one direction football 2

‘Liam is really upset about the whole thing and is understandably worried about Saturday’s show.

‘It’s questionable whether he will be able to dance on Saturday and so the boys’ choreographer is looking at changing their routine.’

Poor old accident prone Liam! Let’s hope he’s put this clumsiness behind him these days!

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