One Direction’s Niall Horan admits he listens to Taylor Swift and talks about Demi Lovato…again!

by Lisa McGarry

niall horan

Niall Horan where is your loyalty?

The One Direction singer has revealed that he is a big Taylor Swift fan, despite the fact that his bandmate and bestest pal Harry Styles just split from the US star.

In a recent interview with Irish magazine Hot Press, the hunk admitted that he has bought Tay Tay’s most recent album ‘Red’ and likes to listen to her tunes in his brand spanking new car.

Nialler was talking about his diverse music taste when he said:

“Rock ‘n’ roll is my kinda thing. I like The Eagles and Bon Jovi and the Stones from when I was young. I’ve always been into that, but I listen to everything.”

He added:

“Just on the way here I was listening to Taylor Swift’s album and I’m absolutely loving Kodaline (of HP’s Hot For 2013 fame) at the moment. Their album is amazing.”

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We have to admit, we are definitely hoping that Niall gave this interview BEFORE The Grammys this week, because Taylor really did go out of her way to mock and make a fool of Harry, who she split from last month. She impersonated the hunky singer during her performance and it’s been claimed that all the other members of One Direction have had their work cut out this week, trying to convince him to not retaliate.

Meanwhile, Niall also spoke out about his own love life, insisting once again that he is NOT and never has been dating Demi Lovato.

The 1D star and X Factor USA judge have been linked together many times over the last few months, with even Simon Cowell warning Demi off his young protege.

Horan says all the speculation is just that and continued:


“Me and Demi are just really good friends. They quoted us saying this week that we were going out, but it’s not true. It’s only a bit of a rumour.”

In fairness to suspicious fans, we don’t think Niall helped quash the rumours any when he was caught humming and absentmindedly singing one of Lovato’s songs as he prepared for an interview recently.

Niall and the 1D lads start their world tour in less than two week’s time and he’s pretty excited about hitting the road. The singers have been holed up in rehearsals for over a month and Horan admitted that they are working their hardest to make sure they can entertain their fans at each and every gig. He wants to give each city a slightly different experience and said:

one direction daybreak

“I can’t wait, it’s gonna be class! I’ve just seen the stage there and it’s crazy. These days when people go to shows, they spend their hour-and-a-half making videos for YouTube so we try to make it so that none of any two shows are the same. Every show is different.”

What do you think Directioners? Does Niall need to bin that Taylor album? Are you glad that Nemi is definitely not a real romance? Leave your comments below…..

Lisa McGarry

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