Awwwww! One Direction’s Niall Horan admits he still gets nervous with girls!

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Niall Horan has admitted that he still gets nervous when chatting with girls.

The One Direction star is a multi millionaire, with fancy cars, a designer wardrobe and two chart topping albums under his belt but it seems he still gets a little tongue tied when it comes to conversing with the ladies.

Niall hasn’t had a steady girlfriend in ages, possibly ever and when Top Of The Pops magazine asked if he gets nervous with the opposite sex despite his fame, he confessed:

“Oh yeah! But we don’t see ourselves as famous – it sounds ridiculous because every artist wants to be known as normal. But we really are.”

Horan added:

“We’re just five regular guys who were in the right place at the right time and we’re very thankful.”

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Nialler also revealed that if he does have a problem with the ladies, he likes to turn to Louis Tomlinson for advice.

The star admitted that his Doncaster pal is the best at helping him work through matters of the heart and commented:

“Louis is a good one to ask. He’s always good to talk to about girls and stuff.”

That’s probably because Louis has been dating Eleanor Calder for the last two and a half years, while Horan hasn’t lasted six weeks with anyone (that we know of).

For now though, the Little Things singer is just concentrating on getting over his extreme tiredness, after finishing the eight month long Take Me Home One Direction tour last weekend.

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Niall returned to London three days ago and has been obsessed with sleep and jet lag ever since. He tweeted today saying:

“Lyin in bed jetlagged again! Reciting step brothers quotes to myself! First sign on madness !”

“One of the best movies ever known to man ! #stepbrothers ! ”

He didn’t even leave his apartment and a few hours later added:

“Chillin today!’

The star will travel to Mullingar at the weekend for the christening of his new baby nephew Theo and things are sure to get rather more crazy when he gets home.

Niall’s brother Greg has asked One Direction fans to let them celebrate their special family occasion in peace, but in case they don’t Simon Cowell has reportedly agreed to send extra security guards with Horan to keep the thousands of girls away from the 1D hunk and his family.

What do you think of Niall’s comments? Can you imagine him nervous? Leave your comments below…

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