One Direction’s stylist reveals Harry Styles’ hair is easiest to maintain – she spends most time on Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson

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One Direction are not just music stars, they are style icons and nearly as famous for their clothes and hair styles as they are for their hit singles.

Liam Payne caused controversy when he shaved his head following his split from Danielle Peazer last year and we couldn’t stop talking about Zayn Malik when he dyed his quiff blonde a few months ago.

Now we know all the secrets of their hair maintenance and their hair stylist Louise Teasdale has spilled the beans on how she works with the X Factor stars, as she follows them around Europe for their Take Me Home tour.

The blonde beauty was interviewed by Grazia magazine, and while it might seem like a lot of work to be touring the world and constantly preparing the ‘Little Things’ stars for relentless photo shoots and concerts, Lou has admitted that actually she has a pretty easy time of it. She claims the boys are pretty low maintenance and when asked if they need much time in her chair before an event, she insisted:

one direction one way 2

“Noooo they’re pretty much good to go… they need haircuts a lot though and we never have much time so I try and do like 1 per shoot/show and by the time I’ve done all 5 its back to the first for a tidy up.”

Lou only has about sixty minutes to prepare all five singers for their concerts each evening and she revealed that as strange as it seems, Harry Styles’ locks are easiest for her to deal with.

She laughed:

Liam Payne

“Harry wakes up like that! Sometimes I don’t even see him before a shoot, or Liam especially when he had his shaved head.”

Who knew? We would have thought she’d spend hours taming his curls and wayward locks.

Lou admitted that none of the stars want to sit still long enough to get pampered and preened and she added:

“None of them ever want their hair done! I spend the most time on Louis and Zayn because they let me do different things all the time.. whereas the others we keep consistent.”

So what was the most controversial hair style the boys have had? Well not surprisingly, she admitted that when Liam Payne had her shave his head, people were pretty shocked and she explained:

Liam Payne children in need

“Liam’s shaved head I suppose… It was my favourite though”

She wants to cause even more controversy and give one of the 1D hunks a retro style but it seems that none of them want to refer t to the 90s. She teased:

“I wanna revisit the 90s undercut but none of them will let me.”

We think Harry or Liam should give it a go….we love Zayn’s quiff too much to see it go!

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