One Direction’s Zayn Malik has BIG plans for Perrie Edwards tonight as Little Mix hit London!

by Lisa McGarry

zayn malik playing drums

Zayn Malik has a lot to prove and a lot of making up to do with his girlfriend Perrie Edwards and it sounds like the One Direction singer is planning to pull out all the stops.

The hunk has been accused of cheating on the blonde beauty with Australian waitress Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb and while he denies that anything untoward took place, he knows the claims alone have hurt Perrie and caused her to become the victim of intense media speculation again.

The 1D singer wants to show her a good time tonight for Valentines Day and turn Perrie’s crappy month around and insiders told Star magazine that he is planning to make her feel like his ‘special’ ‘princess’ this evening.

We don’t think we’ve ever been more jealous in our lives!

A source told Star magazine:

zayn perrie

“He has told Perrie he wants to spoil her and make her feel special. He says he wants her to feel like a princess again.”

It had previously been reported that Malik had hired a private chef to come and cook for him and Perrie at his home this evening and that he had booked two posh waiters to serve them all night. He has also reportedly bought a mountain of red roses which he plans to fill his house with before Edwards’ arrival.

Oops, did we just spoil the surprise.

zayn niall children in need

Also, it’s thought that Zayn is planning to treat Pez to a quick romantic getaway, before his Take Me Home tour starts at the end of this month, so they can spend some quality time together.

The pair seem to be getting back on an even keel and in the last week they’ve enjoyed a date in a safari park, as well as a few meals and some nights in a few fancy hotels, as Perrie performs around England in her Little Mix tour.

The girls hit London last night and performed for fans in the Hammersmith Apollo and they tweeted saying:

little mix zayn malik

“Right mixers who’s coming to the London show tonight!! 😀 it’s gona be a big one! We’re gona need all our mixers hyped up n ready to dance!”

“No one can leave the Apollo without loosing there voice! Lol we want screams and shouts and we wanna see loadsa little mix posters! :D”

We don’t know when Zayn is going to fit in a break with his girlfriend though as the band moves on to Brighton tomorrow night and their tour doesn’t conclude until February 24th in Belfast.

His tour kicks off on the 23rd in London.

Seems that these two could be like passing ships in the night for a few weeks yet. What do you think of it all Directioners? Leave your comments below…..

Lisa McGarry

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