One Direction’s Zayn Malik does NOT want babies with Perrie Edwards yet! (Full Jonathan Ross video)

by Lisa McGarry

zayn malik perrie edwards wedding

Zayn Malik has admitted that he doesn’t want to become a baby daddy just, yet thank you very much.

The One Direction star is engaged to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and it’s thought that the singers are planning to marry within the year, however he is not going to get his fiancé knocked up for a while, if he can help it.

During an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show tonight the host asked Zayn if he could see himself having children in the next three years.

The Story Of My Life singer replied:

“In three years? That’s a bit of a short space of time. We have just been together for three years and it’s gone really quick for us so like, so in three years I don’t know what could happen.”

one direction jonathan ross

Malik was a little uncomfortable with the line of questioning, so his bandmate Harry Styles teased him saying:

“He also can’t say no because if he does have a kid and the kid watches this, he’ll be like ‘oh right, cheers.'”

During the interview Zayn also revealed that he has chosen the best man for his wedding, you can find out which lucky dude will get to look after Perrie’s wedding ring here!

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Fans loved seeing the boys on the mainstream chat show this evening, though it’s not like they haven’t already been everywhere this week. How many times did they pop up in Children In Need?

Tweets this evening included:

“Mmmm…sexy boys on the Johnathon Ross Show. #mtvstars One Direction”

“Done watching One Direction – Jonathan Ross Show omg it was so fun and @NiallOfficial why did you have to embarass yourself? Ahaha”

“the best interview everrrr I’m still laughing ! One Direction on the Jonathan Ross Show”

“one direction on jonathon ross is the best thing that’s happened this year”

If you somehow managed to miss the interview then fear not, because we have it all right here in the video below.

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    oh really?? wow! im kinda satisfied! I somehow got over the news that zerrie are engaged and are about 2 marry, and I cant take it further by accepting zayn jr. sry! anyways, why isn’t the video playing here?? its frustrating though!!

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