Pixie Lott blasts One Direction’s Zayn Malik & ‘feels so sorry’ for Perrie Edwards!


Pixie Lott has had her say on the recent One Direction scandal and it sounds like Zayn Malik has lost yet another fan.

The feisty singer is livid with the 1D hunk, after it was reported that he slept with Australian waitress Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb last week and even though he has not admitted to cheating on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards, Lott seems to think that the whole thing is very cut and dry.

The ‘Cry Me Out’ hitmaker insisted that she wouldn’t stand for that love rat style of behaviour from a man she was dating and getting stuck into the handsome singer, she told The Daily Star:

“No way would I stand by my man if he did that.”

“I’ve never been in that position, but it’s terrible. Girls should stand up for themselves. They don’t deserve to be treated like that – they can find a man who wouldn’t do that to them.”

zayn perrie

“If I was in that situation I wouldn’t stand for it.”

When the story broke in Sunday’s Sun newspaper, Zayn flew straight home from France and made his way to Nottingham to see his Little Mix girlfriend.

Very little is known about what happened between the couple, but it’s claimed that he stayed the night in her hotel room and insiders say that against the advice of her friends and family, Perrie will give Malik another chance.

Lott doesn’t think that’s the best idea and added:

zayn perrie

“I feel so sorry for Perrie. She’s a lovely girl. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s so pretty.”

“It’s a very sad situation.”

“Male celebs who are in the public eye need to know they can’t just sleep with random girls.”

“So many men keep doing it, but they should know by now it’s always going to come out.”

We have to agree with Pixie on this one.

zayn malik

Meanwhile, Zayn has been spotted for the first time since the furore broke at the weekend and he has an unexplained injury. He was photographed entering rehearsals for the band’s Take Me Home tour, but his hand was all bandaged up and scrapes could be seen on his forearm.

It looks very much like the singer has been punching someone, or something….temper temper!

What do you think of it all Directioners? Leave your comments below….

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