President Barack Obama sings One Direction song as boys plan ANOTHER trip to America!

Nothing says you’re the biggest boyband on the planet, than a world leader singing your hit single.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama didn’t really take to the stage and belt out a rendition of One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, however some clever soul has produced this brilliant mashup in which the American head of state croons the boyband’s hit single. Watch the video if you fancy a giggle!

The clip comes as insiders close to the X Factor stars confirm that the group will be returning to the United States in just a few weeks – around August 15th – to work with some more music stars on their second album.

The singers have already collaborated with McFly on the record and there is some suggestion that during their trip to America, they will catch up with fellow British musician Ed Sheeran, who is said to be busy penning tracks for 1D.

During an interview with On In Demand With Alex James, Niall Horan revealed that they haven’t chosen their lead single yet, saying:

“We haven’t actually picked one [song] yet.”

Louis added: “We’re going to be picking it very soon, very soon. There’s two or three…there are about three songs that are all good contenders.”

We have to admit, we’re a little sad that the boys are leaving the UK again, having only got them back a few weeks ago following their month long headline tour of the US.

It’s been a crazy year for the stars, so they are making the most of the last of their time off and last night Niall had a barbecue with his pals in London. He tweeted:

‘Goodmorning! Ive looked out the window and decided im gona have a bbq today’

Later adding:

‘BBQ time! here we go…someone have fire brigade hold hahaha… @guitarmandan is dangerous’

Zayn Malik was also kicking back and relaxing and messaged his followers saying:

‘Weathers been wicked today. Nothing like having your tea outside on a cool night x’

Louis Tomlinson said:

‘”Just seen The Dark Knight Rises, sick sick sick film!!!”‘

Will you miss 1D when they jet off again? Leave your comments below….


Lisa McGarry

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