Rage Against The Machine beat Joe McElderry to Christmas number one

by Lisa McGarry

Rage Against The Machine have won this year’s battle for Christmas number one. Not only that but their song has become the first ever download only Christmas number one.

The Rage sold 502,000 copies of their single ‘Killing In The Name Of’ whilst X Factor winner Joe McElderry sold 450,000 copies of his single ‘The Climb. To out things in perspective Alexandra Burke sold 576,000 copies of her single ‘Hallelujah’ in the same week last year.

Hopefully this news will send the X Factor team back to the drawing board for next year’s single. For five years they have dominated the Christmas charts with tracks full of gospel choirs, big key changes and ‘inspiring’ lyrics. It’s been a clear formula and obviously it’s getting boring. The yearly single has no clear co-relation on where Syco intend to place the X Factor winner as an artist. This song wasn’t even chosen for Joe McElderry specifically, but for any one of the four semi finalists this year.

Gerard McGarry said over on his blog

And after the most shambolic X Factor in years, I think people are just tired of all the bullshit. So, maybe it’s time for Simon to prick his ears up and listen to the music fans for once.

We find ourselves feeling quite sorry for young Joe tonight. This battle was waged against Simon Cowell, not him, yet the loss may have far reaching, negative implications for his musical career. He’s a great singer with a crap song, it’s a pity he had to be the big loser in this scenario.

We imagine that Simon Cowell will be stamping his stack heels in anger at the news and as always, we’d love to hear your comments below.

As a point of interest we thought we would include the sale figures of all the X Factor winners first week’s sales. Poor old Leon Jackson eh…

(Series 1) Steve Brookstein – 250,000

(Series 2) Shayne Ward – 742,180

(Series 3) Leona Lewis – 571,253

(Series 4) Leon Jackson – 490,000

(Series 5) Alexandra Burke – 576,000

(Series 6) Joe McElderry – 450,838

Lisa McGarry

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