Rebecca Ferguson deletes ‘petty’ tweets about One Direction cheater Zayn Malik!


Ohh we love how outspoken Rebecca Ferguson can be at times and last night it seems she really let go, over the recent Zayn Malik drama.

The X Factor runner up of course dated the One Direction star for a few months back in 2011, as they both performed on the show’s nationwide tour. We don’t know why they split, but it’s fair to say that it wasn’t an amicable breakup and Becs almost spits fire when she even mentions the hunk’s name these days.

She’s become the focus of a lot of attention again this week, after Malik was accused of cheating on his now girlfriend Perrie Edwards with an Australian waitress named Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb.

The mum of two doesn’t want to be dragged into all the drama it seems and yesterday she insisted that their relationship had been as brief as ‘putting the bin out’ and said she isn’t concerned with his love life these days.

In a tweet which has now been deleted, the brunette beauty blasted:

zayn malik, rebecca ferguson

“People would love me to care but its two years on and was about as brief as putting the bin out don’t bring me into petty drama please.

“I’m in a happy loving relationship… its just boring now…”

She later retweeted a message which read:

“Do yourself a favor! Never worry about haters. Jealousy is just a weird homage inferior people render to your greatness”


Rebecca has never came out and openly admitted that Zayn cheated on her when they dated, but she has dropped a LOT of hints.

She told new! magazine last year that she couldn’t seem to find herself a man that was faithful and then in October, when Malik dissed her in a video interview she tweeted her followers saying:

“That wrongen has a cheek even mentioning me ever!!!! Cheating horrible rat!! Fuming!!!”

It seems that Becs’ comments and the continual claims regarding Zayn’s faithfulness have began to take their toll on his new girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

zayn malik, perrie edwards

She’s said to be worried that he will stray while on his world tour later this year and a source told heat:

“The trust has gone at the moment and she won’t know what he’s up to.”

We don’t know what to think about all this! What about Directioners? Watch the video of Zayn slagging Ferguson and leave your comments below….

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