Rebecca Ferguson doesn’t want to be an X Factor sob story

X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson reportedly asked Simon Cowell and show bosses not to concentrate on her single mum status, because she doesn’t want people to vote for her out of sympathy.

The 24 year old Liverpudlian first fell pregnant at the age of 17 and is now mum to Lillie May, five, and four-year-old Karl.

On making the live shows, The Mirror reports that Becks met with Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole and asked:

“Don’t make me the X Factor sob story.”

She added:

“I don’t want people to vote for me out of sympathy.

“Whatever I achieve from this I want it to be me and my singing – not just because I’m a young mum. I may be shy but there’s a lot more to me and I want people to see that – not just me in tears because I’m emotional.

“I don’t cry all the time and I don’t want that to be what people think.

“I’m having the most amazing time. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

In an interview with the newspaper, Rebecca also admitted that she thought she’d blew her chance of a music career after she became a young mum. She said:

“I was sure I’d blown my chances when I got pregnant quite young.

“I was going for auditions in the West End, and someone wanted to be my agent.

“But I got pregnant when I was 17 and had Lillie at 18 and my singing got sidetracked.

“I was sure record labels just wouldn’t want me and that was it. I guess I was a bit naive at the time, but I put my career aside completely.”

“Now I have a little boy and a little girl, and I want to give them both a better life.

“I know singing means some time away from them, but that’s the sacrifice you make. Some people want to be famous for fame’s sake. I can genuinely say I don’t. I just want to be a singer.”

Rebecca wowed the judges on Saturday night with her rendition of ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’ and afterwards Simon Cowell raved:

This is the night you turned into a star. I actually can’t fault any part of that. This is so exciting. I read something Elton John said in the papers, which was a really bitchy thing to say, he said that these shows don’t produce stars. Well Elton if you’re not watching, I’m going to send you this tape and you can take back what you said.

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