Reggie Yates insists The Voice 2013 is more ‘real’ than fake X Factor!

by Lisa McGarry


Reggie Yates seems determined to create some controversy surrounding The Voice and the TV presenter has been at it again in the newspapers this weekend.

We knew last year that he wasn’t a fan of rival TV series The X Factor and he has driven that point home in a recent interview, in which he blasts the ITV creation for being staged and ‘fake.’

Starting the feud weeks before The Voice is even due to return to our screens the DJ turned telly host said that the rows between the ITV judges are ‘fake’, he thinks the whole thing is staged to look dramatic and of course, he thinks the BBC series is much more credible than any of it’s rivals.

Reggie told The Daily Star Sunday:

“The rows between the judges on X Factor aren’t real.

“The Voice is real – you can never tell what is going to happen.

holly willoughby reggie yates

“If our judges fall out in the new series it will be real.”

Jessie J,, Sir Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue all returned to The Voice for the 2013 series and recently completed filming on the blind auditions, the battle and the new knockout rounds. Reggie is glad that bosses managed to sign the same four coaches up and continued:

“That’s the one thing that’s constant on our show – they always act the way that they feel. They don’t do anything because anyone has prodded them.”

He added: “The talent this year is bloody good – it’s really looking great. So it’s exciting to be working on this series.”


However there have been some changes made to the format, there are less live shows, the knockout rounds are new and the coaches will be able to choose members of their rivals teams to join there own as part of the new series.

Yates thinks the added elements serve to make The Voice even more compelling and said:

“The changes they have made are definitely making the show that bit more juicy.”

The Voice will reportedly return on the 30th of March for the first of this year’s Blind Auditions. Filming wrapped up on all the pre-recorded segment last week.

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Lisa McGarry

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