Romantic Zayn Malik is planning something AMAZING for his wedding & is Liam Payne missing Louis Tomlinson?

by Nick Barnes
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Isn’t Zayn Malik just the sweetest little thing you’ve ever come across?

He’s currently planning a big surprise for Perrie Edwards for his perfect wedding day and it’s going to be a bit of a … Journey for Perrie, ahem!

It has been reported that the Bradford lad is currently trying to get old man band, Journey back together to perform at his wedding to Little Mix star, Perrie Edwards.

A source told The Sun: “Zayn is hopeful Journey will be there in some guise. Neal (the guitarist) has made it clear through his channels he is up for it. He has his touring band who can play.

“But he knows Steve (the singer) was the voice of that hit record (Don’t Stop Believin’), and no one on earth really sounds like him.

“If Steve and Neal were to reunite, it would be a massive affair and payday. It’s a feat but Zayn’s reach across the music industry is huge.”

Just remember Zayn, Don’t Stop Believin’… you can do it! And if not, I suppose the Glee cast are always available.

Elsewhere, Liam Payne is seemingly missing his buddy, Louis Tomlinson.

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The lads have spent a couple of days apart from each other and Liam seems to be missing Louis a little bit, and let’s face it, if we’d have spend a few days apart from them, we would be scaling the walls as well.

Of course, the guys have spent some well earned down time with their families over the Christmas period, which means they haven’t seen much of each other over the past week or so and it’s all getting a bit much for Liam.

We know that the lads will have Whatsapp’d or even Skyped over the Christmas period, but Liam felt the need to take his affection public by asking Louis how his Birthday went. Louis turned 22 on Christmas Eve and we reckon there will have been a few drunken Snapchats which would have painted a less than pretty picture, but Liam STILL needed to know the deets.

Liam tweeted: “@Louis_Tomlinson did you have a good birthday bro? :)”

However, Liam has been snubbed so far because Louis hasn’t bothered to reply!!

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