RUMOUR CONTROL: One Direction’s Liam Payne insists he’s NOT dating Leona Lewis! But is Danielle Peazer pregnant?

by Lisa McGarry

Liam Payne has flown to the US but instead of focussing on his upcoming performance in Madison Square Gardens, the One Direction star has taken to Twitter to set the record straight.

There has been a LOT of speculation about his personal life and his relationship status of late, with many sources linking him to X Factor winner Leona Lewis, ever since he split from Danielle Peazer.

Leona seemed to hint that she was seeing the hunk in a recent interview and certainly refused to deny the claims, saying that she never talks about the men in her life.

However, Liam has went on a bit of a rumour control mission this afternoon and tweeted his seven million followers saying:

“Okay bored of constant news articles… I’m not dating Leona … My YouTube channel isn’t for a solo career and I didn’t insult Kim k…Pow!”

We only wish Harry Styles had been so direct when he was asked about his supposed romance with Taylor Swift last night. Check out this footage of him avoiding the issue.

Meanwhile, Liam’s comments have started the inevitable speculation on Twitter about whether or not this means he is getting back with Danielle Peazer.

The pair split just before the band’s single ‘Live While We’re Young’ was released and as they were starting to promote their second album ‘Take Me Home.’ At the time, some Directioners claimed that the whole thing was a ruse set up by management in a bid to boost newspaper coverage and column inches and some fans were deeply suspicious of the Leona / Liam rumours. They insisted that Liam and Danielle never really split and that the whole thing was faked.

They like a good conspiracy theory do the Directioners and Twitter is buzzing tonight with claims that the former couple are preparing to announce that they are back together, just in time for Peazer to join Eleanor Calder in New York to watch One Direction play Madison Square Gardens.

However, since we’re clearing up rumours, or maybe just giving them fuel, it seems there are no truth in one that spread like wildfire online last weekend. Some so called insiders claimed that Danielle was pregnant, that the baby wasn’t Payne’s and that’s why they split up.

Sources close to the pair say the claims are totally untrue and completely fabricated.

What do you think readers? It’s hard to know what to believe but at least we know Liam isn’t dating Leona…’ve got to feel better about that right? Leave your comments below..

Lisa McGarry

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