Sam Callahan admits tensions in X Factor 2013 houses – Nicole Scherzinger on Hannah Barrett voice problems

sam callahan

Sam Callahan has admitted that things got rather tense in the X Factor house last weekend.

This year’s bunch of hopefuls seem to get on better than any group before and for what feels like the first time ever we are being spared rumours of feuds, bullying and diva behaviour behind the scenes of the ITV show.

However 19 year old Sam has revealed that things were less than bright and cheery between the singers on Sunday, as the contestants waited to find out who would be leaving the show that night.

The acts already knew that Kingsland Road would be in the singoff after the flash votes results were announced on Saturday and Callahan revealed that the pressure got to all of them, telling the Xtra Factor hosts:

sam callahan

“Everyone has been saying that they get on really well and they do, but it’s got so much more tense now and last night, when Kingsland knew they were in the bottom two and everything, no one spoke to each other.”

Thankfully things have got back to normal over the past few days, but things are sure to get tense again this weekend before the third act is voted off.

Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger has been full of praise for her young hopeful Hannah Barrett!

hannah nicole

The Pussycat Doll is loving her time with the talented teenager, but revealed that she keeps ending up on voice rest because she can’t stop overusing her vocal chords. Answering a question from Hannah’s brother on Sunday night about why Hannah’s voice keeps giving out on her, Scherzinger laughed;

“She is a bit chatty, she loves to talk. She has the best personality though, she just loves everybody and loves to be loved and loves to love other people. She works like crazy and she practices non stop too.”

The X Factor returns tomorrow, at 8pm and the theme for the week will be Songs From The Movies. Check out the full song list here and tell us what you think of the choices below….

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