Sam Callahan reveals all about Tamera Foster’s romance with One Direction’s Niall Horan!

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Sam Callahan has finally come clean about his relationship with Tamera Foster…..sort of!

The former X Factor contestant is reportedly dating the 16 year old singer, who was also eliminated from the ITV show on Sunday night.

The pair denied that there was any romantic involvement between them when they were both competing on the series and living together in the X Factor mansion, but it seems now they’re out of the bubble they don’t feel the need to be so coy.

Sam has been gigging up and down the UK ever since he was voted off last month and after a show in Scotland this week he finally opened up about his relationship status.

Callahan told STV:

“Me and Tamera, obviously there’s some rumours and everybody’s sort of seen, so I’m not going to completely deny there’s something going on, but we’re just really close and when you live in a house with people for 2 months there’s going to be people you get close to for different reasons.”

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Tamera and Sam caught up last week at Now’s Christmas party and looked rather close, with the blonde beauty clinging to her hunk’s arm for much of the night.

The 19 year old admitted that he has missed Foster ever since moving out of the X Factor house and told the website that he has spoken to her every day since.

They are planning to catch up again this week, when she starts her post X Factor performances.

However word on the street is that Sam has some competition on his hands. It was reported that Tamera has also been receiving some romantic attention from One Direction star Niall Horan, after they met backstage at Fountain Studios recently.

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It was claimed that Niall was ‘instantly’ attracted to the teenager and has been messaging her on Twitter ever since.

Sam insisted that the contact was blown out of proportion though and said:

“He wasn’t. That’s rubbish. I think he tweeted her with some criticism and everyone was like ‘they’re romancing!’”

Jealous much Sammy boy? Well why wouldn’t you be? Niall is a multi millionaire and globally famous pop star after all.

Tamera has been enjoying her free time since finishing on the show at the weekend and tonight she tweeted her fans saying:

“Thank you all I’m feeling the love . Your support is amazing. 💋”

Sam isn’t performing tonight, but he has a whole other sort of saucy fun planned for this evening and he told his followers:

“Just arriving at @UKLingerieAward … should be a good night x @callahant @KingslandRd”

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