Sharon Osbourne says she was ‘too busy’ to notice Ozzy was using again; ‘It was hell’

by Nick Barnes
Sharon Osbourne AGT

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

The X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has revealed that it was like hell when Ozzy was using drugs and alcohol again 12 months ago, and it was the loneliest few months of her life.

In an interview, the 61-year-old star revealed that she was oblivious to what was going on around her as she was too “self-obsessed” with work at the time.

Speaking on Larry King’s radio show, Sharon admitted that “it was hell” during the time that Ozzy was back on the wagon using again, and it was the loneliest three months of her life when the pair separated.

“The frightening thing for me was that I didn’t see it. So where was I for a year and a half?,” she added.

Sharon went on to say that she was so “self-obsessed” and absorbed in her work that she didn’t see what was going on, so when it finally hit her, it really kicked her in the ass. But, it also kicked Ozzy in the rear as well over the fear of what he could have lost, such as his family and his respect.

Ozzy was using drugs and back on the alcohol for a whole 18 months before Sharon realised what was going on again.

Sharon Osbourne AGT

She went on to add that he was drinking when he came home, but they both lead such busy lives that she never saw the drinking, so he managed to slip through her hair. But, the only way she saw fit to fix the problem was to move out and make Ozzy think that he was set to lose everything, which kicked him into touch.

“I left him and told him I couldn’t go through this again, I just couldn’t, and he promised he would work his programme. It’s like anything, if you don’t work your programme, you’re going to slip,” she added.

But, Sharon also praised Ozzy as he’s been clean for 12 months which is “fantastic” progress and she couldn’t imagine life without him.

We’re so happy that it all worked out in the end!

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