Simon Cowell in baby race with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson but fans insist Eleanor Calder is NOT pregnant!

by Lisa McGarry

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Simon Cowell has teased that he’s in a bit of a race with Louis Tomlinson, to see whose family can add a new baby to their numbers first.

The X Factor boss confirmed earlier this year that he is set to become a dad next year, after New York socialite Lauren Silverman fell pregnant and his first born heir is reportedly set to make it’s appearance in March 2014.

One Direction star Louis will also welcome a baby into the world around that time, though thankfully not his own!

How mum is expecting again, so Tommo will have a mini brother or sister to spoil but Simon being Simon, has turned the whole thing into one big competition. It’s what he’s good at after all.

Louis’ mum Johannah will pop around the same time as Lauren and People report that Simon told reporters this week:

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“I was just texting with Louis Tomlinson last night because his mum is pregnant and is going to have the baby the same time as Lauren.

“So it’s like, who is going to go first? I think I am going to win.”

Cowell’s whole life and priorities are set to change when his tiny namesake comes along but he’s revealed that there’s one sacrifice he won’t be making for the little mite.

The music mogul fully intends to keep smoking his brains out, but he will make sure to do it away from his son or daughter and added:

“There are a lot of boring things that happen when you have a baby. [You have to get rid of] sharp edges, cigarettes, alcohol … then there’s the toilet. But I’ll have a smoking room!”

Meanwhile, we reported this morning that Twitter was going a little bit crazy last night with reports that Liam Payne was set to become the first One Direction daddy.

Online fans insisted that Sophia Smith wore a loose black dress and a coat with plenty of room in it when she attended the Robbie Williams gig with Liam last weekend, because she was hiding a tiny baby bump.

eleanor calder louis tomlinson

We are pretty sure that there is nothing more than idle speculation in this rumour, so we weren’t overly worried when Directioners started to insist that Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder was pregnant too.

Some Twitter users claimed that the brunette beauty tweeted about the impending birth, then deleted the message, however no one seems to have a picture or a record of the post.

Many Directioners are becoming a little fed up with all the made up rumours and infuriated replies included:

“eleanor isn’t pregnant and she didn’t tweet that stop making up rumours”

“Eleanor isn’t pregnant it’s easy to fake a tweet you guys need to chill and not overreact to every thing that happens”

“Stop right there. Sophia and Eleanor are NOT, I repeat are NOT, pregnant!”

“Listen. Eleanor is NOT pregnant! She hasn’t tweeted since before she left to see Louis in Austral… — thank you :)”

What do you think of it all Directioners? Leave your comments below…..

Lisa McGarry

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    eh, the vultures and vampires circle the most successful desperately searching for a crumb to make themselves more relevant .
    Having a child is a very blessed event. Passing on great genes is one of the greatest contributions to society.

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