Simon Cowell bullied and scared X Factor contestants including Little Mix and The Risk?

Simon Cowell is honest but fair, right? That’s what we’ve always been led to believe since he exploded onto our TV screens on Pop Idol back in 2001. However, if a biography written about his life is to be believed, it seems that perhaps Cowell isn’t quite as fair and honourable as many of his fans assume.

In the book, written by Tom Bower, it is reported that in fact Cowell is a bit of a bully and really let rip at last year’s X Factor contestants, as his show repeatedly lost out to Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings war.

He supposedly refused to accept the fact that his absence, or perhaps the fact that the show becomes less and less about the talent each year and more about the wacky acts and the judges feuds may be causing viewers to drift away and instead blamed the young hopefuls competing on the show.

It was much publicised last year that Simon caught up with the likes of Little Mix, Marcus Collins and The Risk via Skype in November, however while it was claimed at the time that he was giving them a pep talk and advice, now Bowers insists that actually he was bawling the singers out.

One unnamed singer told The Mirror that they were left “shaken” by Simon’s yelling and shouting and a source told the newspaper:

“He really laid into The Risk and said their attitude was horrific. Derry had his hood up and he told him that was disrespectful. They got it really bad and seemed shocked.

“They could have been left feeling like they were bullied because they got it really bad from him.”

When one of the Little Mix girls asked: “What should we do?” The Sun reports that Simon lost it and ranted:

“The Spice Girls never asked, ‘What should we do?’ They said what THEY were going to do. If you don’t know, you’re lost.”

Simon also thought the contestants weren’t making the most of their relationship with the press and told them they needed to be more diva like and grab more headlines.

The source added:

“He just wanted us to all be divas and act up, have our own mind, and not care what people said.

“We were saying it was coming across badly on TV. But he said, ‘That doesn’t matter, ignore it’ because he obviously wanted people to talk about the show.

Simon is now trying to distance himself from the book, even though he allowed Tom unprecedented access to his life and even gave him interviews for the book.

Last night he announced on Twitter:

“This book is not written by me. It is unauthorised. The writer is Tom Bower.”

He also tried to shake off the reports that he was on the brink of sacking Gary Barlow, by announcing that he will definitely be returning to The X Factor for 2013.

However, all his efforts may be to no avail as it has been reported that ITV bosses are still furious with the music mogul, as are some of his closest friends.

Do you think the account sounds true? Does Simon strike you as a bully? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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