Simon Cowell coming back for X Factor 2013 but Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t want him!

by Lisa McGarry

Simon Cowell is reportedly planning to stage a dramatic X Factor return next year but it seems that not everyone wants him back.

It’s been claimed that the music mogul has been alarmed and angered by the serious ratings slump the show has fallen into in the past year, with viewing figures each weekend coming in at half of what they were three years ago when he was on the panel.

Insiders have claimed that he will be back for six live shows in 2013 and that in the meantime, he has been sending friends, colleagues and even his brother down to the London studios to report back on goings on behind the scenes.

However, Nicole Scherzinger has claimed that she doesn’t want her boss back by her side, because she thinks his place is on The X Factor US.

In an interview with The Daily Star the brunette beauty insisted:

“I don’t want to see Simon come back. I think we’ve got a good family and Tulisa, Gary and Louis are all holding their own.

“Simon has got his own thing going on in the US and I know the US embrace and love him.”

Nicole has plenty of experience of working with Simon, because she was hired by the record label boss for the US version of the singing competition last year.

Nicole sat alongside Paula Abdul, Simon and L.A Reid for the first ever American series but was dropped from the lineup in January and later added to the UK show.

She admitted that she was worried about moving over to the UK at first and wasn’t sure she’d fare any better in London than she had in LA but it seems to be a case of so far, so good and she added:

“I was afraid to come over here at first because I was moving my whole life and moving away from my friends, but I love it here now.

“There’s a great energy here.”

“There’s always something blossoming and there’s opportunity.

“On the UK show I get to be myself more and people allow me to express myself.

“The British people give me confidence.

“People here are bonkers so it makes me feel I can be bonkers too.”

Simon may not need to make his big return next year if he gets the rest of the lineup right and already, before the 2012 series has even drawn to a close, there are plenty of rumours flying around.

Dannii Minogue admitted this week that she would consider a comeback and would even be prepared to kiss and makeup with Sharon Osbourne, if Simon wanted them both back on the show.

What do you think would turn things around for the X Factor? Should Simon return or who would you like to see on the panel for 2013?

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Lisa McGarry

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